A Hexaflexagon is a paper toy, a little bit similar to the well-known "heaven and hell", only more subtle! In the applet on this page, you can click 3 patterns to select which should appear on the Hexaflexagon, and then create a template for a printout by pressing the cut off button.

The instructions below explain how to build the Hexaflexagon out of the craft sheet.

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How to build....

You need scissors and glue and the printed the craft sheet.

Step 1: Print and cut out.

Step 2: Fold in the middle and glue both sides together.

The glued strip looks like this:

Step 3: Now fold along the triangle edges in both directions (these will become hinges later).

The strip now has a lot of kinks. Then unfold again.

Step 4: Now fold the strip in the middle once as shown.

Step 5: Turn around and fold down the lower two triangles at the point shown here. Then turn again. After turning, you get the picture below (right).

Step 6: Now fold up the lower two triangles. Before doing so, cover the white surface with glue and paste it to the other white surface when folding it over.

Step 7: That’s it! Finished!

And what can you do with it now? Check out the film here. You can move all the surfaces to the front by flexing them.