Soma cubes – like Tangram, but in 3D

Do you like Tangram? This is similar, but in 3D. For this activity you need seven pieces like the ones in the picture below. They are all basically made up of small cubes.

You might have 27 dice in a drawer that you could use to make the pieces, or you can simply print out this PDF. Slightly thicker paper really helps with the construction. Once all of the pieces are ready, the puzzling can begin.

Your first task is to use these pieces to create a cube which is three little cubes long (3x3x3), like a Rubik’s cube. The end result should look something like this:

If you scroll right to the bottom you will see an example that has been made with the paper pieces.

Here is a list of different puzzles. All the shapes can be made using the seven Soma pieces.

Happy puzzling!

Scroll just a little more.....

This picture should be enough for you to get the rest.