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Welcome to Math for Kids! Math can be fun, honest!
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On this site you will find ideas for activities, puzzles, games, recommendations for apps and websites, and short videos. All of these have something to do with mathematics. You can play around with them at home, either on your own or with your parents, making for an exciting, fun, challenging and creative experience.
Since a lot of school children now have to stay at home, we decided to put this website together. The site will grow bit by bit and we will keep adding to it, so it is always worth keeping a look out for new activities. This is a service from the mathematical exhibition ix-quadrat from the Technical University of Munich together with the research group for geometry and visualization and

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Make colourful patterned Easter eggs
(Craft activity for ages 9 and above; also suitable for younger children with help from parents)

Easter is just around the corner, so it's the ideal time to start making Easter eggs. With this app you can use your own patterns or photos to generate paper cutouts to create unique Easter eggs. But a word of warning: making the eggs can get a bit tricky.

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Free the red car
(Interactive puzzle for ages 8 and above)

Oh no! Your red car has become trapped in its parking space. You can move the cars forwards or backwards with your mouse. Who will manage to free the car? Be warned - it won't be simple!

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The floating glass
(Puzzle involving kitchen utensils, suitable for ages 9 and above)

Can you do the seemingly impossible? The challenge is to build a bridge out of knives that are actually too short and make it so stable that you can balance a glass of water on top of it.

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The art of math doodling
(Art activity for ages 7 and above; also suitable for younger children with help from parents)

Become an abstract artist! Using just a few simple rules you can create exciting visual works of art. Mathematics ensures that everything works out in the end.

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Lego models
(Puzzle using Lego, suitable for ages 9 and above)

There are many different ways to put pieces of Lego together. How many ways are there to put together just two of the standard 4x2 Lego pieces?

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(Interactive codebreaking activity, suitable for ages 12 and above)

Secret messages have come to light, but unfortunately they are encrypted and impossible to read. But you can decipher the messages with a decryption device. Become a codebreaker and find out what the messages say.

Go here to break the code

Leonardo at home
(Craft idea, suitable for ages 6-60)

Hundreds of years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous Italian scientist and painter, had already come up with a sophisticated method of building bridges or a dome without using any nails. Here is a guide for how to do this yourself at home with cardboard.

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Make a kaleidocycle
(Craft activity suitable for ages 12 and above)

Kaleidocycles are geometrical sculptures that move. "Kaleido" comes from kaleidoscope because these sculptures arrange and re-arrange themselves into beautiful symmetrical patterns. The word "cyle" refers not only to the fact that they are circular, but also indicates that their motion is cyclical.

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Crochet an exponential function
(Craft activity, suitable for ages 12-60)

Here is something for people who know how to crochet. These days people talk a lot about exponential growth. But what happens if you let the number of crochet stitches grow exponentially? You get a beautiful juggling ball.

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Draw complicated knots
(Sketching activity, suitable for ages 10 and above)

With a few little tricks you can learn to draw really complicated knots.

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Take a mathematical selfie
(Interactive activity, suitable for ages 6 and above)

It's selfie time! Here you can take mathematical selfies which distort your image using geometry. You can become a never-ending spiral, an egghead, a constantly repeated image...

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Experiment with an iPad in front of a mirror
(Experiment, suitable for ages 12 and above)

This activity can be a bit tricky, so you may need a little patience. But when it works it is all the more amazing for it. Simply by holding an iPad in front of a mirror you can create unbelievable fractal patterns, which you can transform simply by shaking the device.

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Make paper window decorations
(Craft activity, suitable for ages 4 and above)

All you need for this activity is a few pieces of paper and a pair of scissors. A simple activity which is always fun.

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(Interactive puzzle, suitable for ages 10 and above)

Sokoban is a really tricky puzzle game. You need to move the boxes to their designated locations. Sound simple? It's a challenge! This activity is not for the faint-hearted.

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Make a kaleidoscope out of spoons
(Activity suitable for ages 8 and above)

You will easily find three spoons at home. With these you can quickly make a simple kaleidoscope in which spoons are reflected in spoons reflected in spoons...

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Ornamente zeichnen
(Drawing app for all ages)

This app allows you to draw symmetrical patterns. You can choose between different types of symmetry and select colours and line thicknesses. Become an artist and draw ornaments.

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16 identical things
(Activity, suitable for ages 6 and above)

Mathematics deals a lot with patterns and regularities. Find 16 identical objects in your home: 16 pasta pieces, 16 gummy bears, 16 paperclips, 16 playing cards... It doesn’t matter what they are. Find your objects and let’s get started...

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(Crafts suggestion, from about 9 years, with parental help even earlier)

Do you know the 'heaven and hell' paper trick? Here comes a nifty variant of it. From hexagons, to fold, a piece of paper with three pages.

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Soma cube – like Tangram, but in 3D
Craft activity and puzzle, suitable for ages 10 and above)

Do you like Tangram, the wooden jigsaw puzzle? Then this is just the thing for you! The Soma cube is a three-dimensional puzzle. Your task is to put together complicated three-dimensional shapes out of seven pieces.

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Make a hanging mobile
(Craft activity, suitable for ages 10 and above)

This mobile is very special. It is made entirely from paper and stays balanced for mathematical reasons. It is exgtremely lightwieght. You will need nimble fingers to build this.

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Making patterns out of tiles
(Craft activity, suitable for ages 8 and above)

If you like patterns, this is the place for you. In this activity you can see how you can create exciting and diverse geometric patterns with just one type of tile.

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Tornado a bottle
(Craft activity, suitable for ages 10 and above)

A tornado is a swirling cyclone. You can create swirling water locked up in a bottle very easily.

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